Jacobson’s Gun Center does gunsmithing.  But, they don’t just do gunsmithing, they do “Jacobson’s gunsmithing.”

What this means for you is number one, it’s locally done. We aren’t shipping your most valued possession off somewhere for every possible repair.

Number two, gunsmithing is a highly specialized trade.  It requires the ability to repair, modify, design or build firearms.  All the while, maintaining the highest integrity, accuracy and precision possible.  This is “Jacobson’s gunsmithing.

Paul Jacobson and his staff perform most gunsmithing services, including re-barreling and the installation of muzzle breaks.  Both require the use of a long-bed lathe, a tool not often found in gun shops in central Iowa.

“We repair all brands of firearms, including black powder or muzzle loading guns.” says Jacobson.  “in addition, we refinish wood and metal.  Redoing metal is skilled work, and the chemicals are dangerous, so a lot of similar gun shops don’t perform this service.  We do almost anything in the repair business.”

So, the next time you have a gunsmithing need, have a local expert do it.

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